High CBD Caviar

95% CBD Isolate Dab Rocks

Black Diamond RSO THC 2g. Syringe

Black Diamond Alcohol Clear Oil is one of the purest forms of THC & CBD available containing a minimum of 70% THC. Unlike CO2 and solvent produced extracts, ACO whole plant cannabis extract leaves all the cannabinoids, terpenes and all other plant constituents in place. Our fully winterized and decarboxylated 70% THC oil provides a full spectrum healthy oil with a robust flavor and a natural whole plant color. Chlorophyll, lipids, and waxes are isolated and removed during the extraction process yielding a smoother product, easier for your body to absorb. Master Growers “Black Diamond ACO” whole plant cannabis extract is specifically formulated for patients who desire an all-natural, organic alternative to the standard solvent based, CO2 and butane cannabis oils currently available. ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: Black Diamond ACO (Minimum 70%) THC Oil, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil and Full Plant Terpenes

831 Extracts Cherry Pie Bubble Hash

831 Extracts is dedicated to bringing you concentrates of the upmost quality. Each batch extracted in a pharmaceutical grade lab, and tested by Steep Hill Labs to guarantee their products meet the rigorous quality standards. Processed using classic and solventless ice water sieving technique.

Guild Green Ranger & Goji Batter

Guild Extracts adds a twist to traditional cake batter by elevating the level of terpenes and cannabinoids, which boosts the flavor profile while delivering a potent dose of THC. The smooth, rich texture makes it easy to dab or use in an e-vaporizer. Available in a variety of award-winning strains. Potency: OOOXX Flavor: OOOOX THCA: 70-85% Recommended Use: dab or mix with dried flowers

Guild Midnight OG HTE

Our HTE (High Terpene Extract) is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Studies show that terpenes interact with the human endo-cannabinoid system to create medicinal effects that are distinctly different from THC and CBD alone. Our HTE captures the unique terpene profile of specific strains to help patients target their needs while dazzling the senses with complex aromas and flavors that coat the palate. Potency: 35-55% THC Recommended use: Dab or mix with raw cannabis

Guild 1:2 Tsunami TrainWreck Sap

This Guild Extracts Tsunami Trainwreck 1:2 Ratio Sap is ideal for those who desire a touch of CBD with their THC to help alleviate certain symptoms without as strong psychoactive effects. Studies show that CBD works best when combined with THC to create a full spectrum of effects.

Guild THCa Powder

Guild Extracts THC-a Powder is extracted using patent-pending technology to retain only the purest THC-a isolate. This highly refined powder contains 99-100% THC-a, which is non-psychoactive in its powder form, but converts to psychoactive THC when heated. Mix Guild Extracts THC-a Powder in food or drink for non-psychoactive relief from pain and stress. Top a bowl or dab this powder for an intense cerebral high.

FlavRX Pineapple THCa Diamond Sauce

Little chunks of bright white and yellow diamonds swimming in a pool of gold liquid will have you drooling and thinking you were sipping a pina colada on the beach! Perfect for dabbing, this diamond sauce is not for beginners!

Complex Concentrates Hybrid Clear Distillate Oil

This sweet distillate is meant for dabbing for a smooth, clean and extreme high! Complex Concentrates distillate is transparent with a ring that ranges from water clear to electric yellow and amber honey. Uniquely developed to isolate THC and CBD compounds, it is one of the purest and most potent forms because it involves a process that removes fats, lipids, and other non-desirables picked up in the extraction process. Terpenes are naturally derived and formulated to enhance the user's experiences.

Beachside Oil Co OG Kush Live Resin

Lab approved and instantly frozen, this full spectrum high quality live resin will crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants.

831 Extracts Pineapple Kush Crumble

Pineapple Kush marijuana strain has an aroma of pineapple with accents of caramel and butter. The flavor is described as a subtle sweetpineapple taste with a mint undertone. While the breeder of this strain is unknown, its parents are Pineapple and Master Kush. A sure hit with crumble enthusiasts.

FlavRX Indica, Hybrid & Sativa C02 Cartridges

Back in stock with full flavors and Glycol Free!

Pure Vape One C02 Cartridges

Available in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa!! At Pure Vape we are a team of perfectionists. While creating Pure One our mission was to deliver an experience that would raise the bar and establish the highest standard on the market. Today we are excited to announce that the search for the ideal cartridge is over. Please meet the One, the only … Pure One. Features: -Triple Distilled Oil -10x more vapor - Next generation ceramic cartriges - Healthiest vaporizing technology - no oil to coil burning - Full Terpene Profile - Extreme Potency -`Solvent-Free - Superior taste - 9 strains Our upgraded award winning triple distilled oil is made with pride. It is more clear, transparent and yes more THC potent than ever before. Free of glycol, glycerin or solvents we offer the true cannabis taste of full bodied terpene profile strains to enhance and compliment the therapeutic effects of cannabis while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction . Our new ceramic technology eliminates burnt taste of the dinosaur days of "oil to metal coil”. It captures the best our oil has to offer, evenly heating it across a smooth ceramic basin with vapor delivered to your lips by a porcelain ceramic mouthpiece. It is with these advancements, we bring to you an unparalleled vaping experience with higher vapor volume and Pure cannabis taste. Making it easy to see why its the "one". Try it and you won’t go back to your old cartridge! Universal for 510 threaded batteries. Best if used with Pure One Batteries available in 8 colors.

831 Extracts Nookie Crumble

Nookies is the super potent result of mixing Nigerian with Animal Cookies. The smooth smoke or vapor created by Nookies is a mixture of cherry, grape, and brown sugar. Members looking for a higher dosage of THC are benefitting from the sativa dominant properties of Nookies. The euphoric energy provided throughout the entire day can help manage a variety of ailments including; stress, anxiety, depression

Guild Extracts Super CBD Sap

Our saps are ideal for patients who desire a higher CBD to THC ratio to help alleviate certain symptoms without the heavy psychoactive effects. Studies show that CBD works best when combined with THC to create a full spectrum of effects. Our selection of CBD saps range in potency to help patients explore the spectrum and identify the ratio that works best for them. Patients also enjoy how our saps capture the full, natural flavors of citrus and cherry that are distinctive of high CBD flowers. Potency: 40-55% CBD

Concentrate Sampler *When Available*

Not sure which concentrate to choose from? We'll help you by choosing our 3 pack personalized wax, shatter and oil combination so you can relax and just enjoy! *When available, price and GRAM amount may vary per product*